Make Money Surveys & Get Paid To Sites

The free websites that offer make money surveys are not really about surveys at all and it is important to understand this in order to know exactly how you use them to your benefit. The sites, also known as "get paid to" websites, are exactly what they sound like. You get paid to fill out questionnaires and subscribe to free product trials in return for compensation.

I have known many people how make very nice part time incomes using these websites and I personally have been making several hundred dollars a month strictly with make money surveys sites.

You have to realize that you will get tons of emails, junk mail at home and sometimes phones calls from participating with these sites but there is a method that has been developed by those making a lot of money with these sites to be able to use the make money surveys and never receive a single phone call as well as keep the spam email out of their own personal email box.

When you are looking to get started with these make money surveys sites I would caution you to avoid any site that requires you to pay for a membership because they are basically providing you with the same information you will get at the free make money surveys sites. What they try to tell you is that the membership is worth it because you would spend hours and days researching the Internet yourself trying to find these sites and for a small membership fee they have done all the work for you.

You can find everything you want very easy and the fact of the matter is you only need a couple of the make money surveys sites to make a very good monthly income.

Part of the frustration of people who join these free websites is not understanding the two categories you have as you are working. One is pending earnings and the other is actual earning. Pending earnings is for work you have performed that has not yet been credited to your account. Actual earnings is they money you will actually be getting paid that month.

Many people find that they will perform tons of work and nothing seems to be moving from pending into actual earnings and they quit because they simply did not understand what they were doing wrong. This is because these get paid to and make money surveys sites do not do a very good job of helping you understand what the real purpose of the surveys are and how to make sure you get the maximum actual earnings from your pending earnings.

You go blazing through the offers using your email address and pretty soon you have a hundred dollars or so in pending earnings. You wait and wait and wait. It never goes to actual earnings and you quit the site because it is a scam. Well these sits actually do pay but there is kind of a scam going on with the get paid to sites ad once you understand what it is you can turn the tables very quickly on them.